What is SolarTech?

The foundation of our SolarTech custom braces is a silicone resin that remains pliable until treated with a controlled ultraviolet(UV) light curing process. Once professionally molded and UV exposure has been completed, the silicone resin is solid, durable, and individualized to the patient. Utilizing our pending patent process, a solid silicone layer is then bonded to a metal substrate such as aircraft aluminum or carbon fiber to create structures, hinges, or leverage points that successfully offload, stabilize and/or brace as needed. The Arctic Bracing - Osteoarthritis (OA) Brace with SolarTech offers a uniquely sensitive custom and individualized fitting process. Through the molding/curing process, SolarTech enables our products to achieve results closer to native zero than ever before. Arctic Bracing works diligently to ensure that its distributors and patient service representatives are highly-trained in the molding and curing process. They must adhere to the Medicare "Person of Expertise" standards for orthotic fit and application, at all times. Meticulous attention to detail in the fitting process is key to patient success and positive outcomes.