Arctic Hip Brace

The Arctic Bracing, Arctic Hip Brace is a universal and easy to fit, range of motion hip orthosis. The brace features quickly adjustable hinges to control flexion and extension. In addition, the Arctic Hip Brace offers a cold therapy pad attachment to deliver recirculating cold and aid in pain and swelling management.

The lightweight, low-profile Arctic Hip Brace is a highly adjustable brace that works with cold packs and cold recycling units. It is commonly used following hip replacement, and revision surgery as well as with hip dislocations, dysplasia and proximal hamstring repairs.


  • Lightweight and low-profile hinge
  • Works with recycling cold units while controlling hip instability
  • Easily adjustable (7 points) with allen and thumb screws
  • Universal/Ambidextrous – Works for both sides of the hip
  • Controls ROM at 15˚ Increments
  • Adjustable in length to patients 5'2” - 6'6"
  • Customizable to various leg shares and sizes
  • Convenient cold therapy pocket and straps work with or without brace
  • Accommodates both anterior & posterior hip procedures
  • Billable under insurance


  • Hip replacement (arthroplasty)
  • Hip revision surgery
  • Hip dislocation
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Post-op proximal hamstring repair
  • Repairs of labral structure with or without gluteus involvement
  • Pre or Post-op


Suggested HCPC L1686

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